The owner must hand over a vehicle in perfect working order, driving and cleaning alike, with all levels checked, tyre pressure and a tank full of fuel, gas levels sufficient for the duration of the trip, a clean cassette, grey waters emptied, inside and outside cleaning done and disinfection according to the procedure indicated in the rental contract. By taking the vehicle, the renter implies, unless written otherwise on the rental contract prior to departure, that the vehicle is in perfect working and driving order and that the cleaning is satisfactory.

Both legal parties must complete the rental contract. The inventory of fixtures must be carried out on the day of departure and return. Both parties may write on their copy in their own language: the information described must be the same on both copies. The owner undertakes to check all the important elements of their vehicle such as air conditioning, heating, water heater, fridge, oven, cooking plates (non-exhaustive list) during the inventory of departure as well as the inventory of return and in the presence of the renter. They must particularly note on the rental contract the expiry date of the gas pipes if the vehicle is equipped with them.

The owner undertakes to drive their vehicle and perform some manoeuvres in the presence of the renter in order to detect any possible anomaly (suspicious noise, malfunctioning…), on the day of departure and upon return of the vehicle.

The owner undertakes to rent their vehicle in the best possible state of cleanliness. In the event that the renter does not agree with the state of cleanliness of the vehicle, it is then necessary to indicate this on the departure inventory sheet, in the box intended to this purpose. It is then recommended that the owner takes the time to readjust the condition of their vehicle. If, following this cleaning or proposal of it, the tenant still refuses the vehicle put at disposal, the cleanliness of the vehicle can not be used as a valid reason to cancel the hire and no refund will be possible towards the renter: the owner will receive their remuneration as initially planned. If the owner does not wish to clean their vehicle and the renter refuses to take it, it is up to the renter to provide proof of non-conformity of the state of cleanliness (photographs, videos…): these must be sent to Yescapa as soon as possible by e-mail. The renter must immediately cancel the rental via their Yescapa account before the last hour of the first rental day (theoretical departure day). If Yescapa considers that the vehicle was not in an optimal state of cleanliness, the platform reserves the right to ask the owner for a full refund.

The owner undertakes the responsibility for any repairs to the vehicle not resulting from a misuse by the renter (normal use and driving of the vehicle). In case the renter must pay for the repairs upfront, the owner undertakes to reimburse them upon presentation of supporting invoices, for which the owner will have previously and expressively given their authorization to the renter, in order to proceed with the repairs strictly necessary and strictly required at the time. Such requests and authorisations must be made in writing in the form of an electronic message sent via e-mail or via a text message (“SMS”).

In the event of breakdown or breakage of any of the vehicle’s equipment resulting from wear and tear of the element and being unrelated to a misuse by the renter, compensation proportional to the damage caused during the rental may be made by the owner. As an indication, please refer to the table below:

Defective elementsGesture
Essential equipment (refrigerator, air conditioning, heating, water pump, bedding, skylights)Rental price for a full day:
Additional equipment (table, awning, car radio, television, crockery)Rental price for half a day:

In the event of damage(s) written in the inventory of fixtures of return but not noted in the inventory of fixtures of departure, the owner must keep the security deposit and record this in the section of the rental contract provided for this purpose. The deposit is not cashed in by the owner until the damage has been estimated and the liable party for the damage caused has been formally established. An amicable resolution is strongly encouraged, but in the absence of agreement between the parties, the owner and the tenant must declare the damage(s) via the form available on their Account within 24 hours following the end of the rental. In the event that the vehicle is damaged prior to the rental, the owner is obliged to inform the next renter in order to agree on a possible financial or other arrangement.

The owner must check the tyres. They must be changed every 5 (five) years. Yescapa asks owners to take photos of each tyre for the first hire of the year. For every incident, the renter must keep the damaged tyre and/or take a photo of the DOT (age of the tyre).

In the event of a puncture: the renter is liable. 75% for the cost of replacing the damaged tyre (damaged tyre and second tyre from the same set) will be charged to the renter. The remaining 25% will be charged to the owner.

If the hire must be interrupted due to a breakdown of the vehicle where the renter cannot be held responsible (written diagnostic from a mechanic or breakdown assistance) the owner must reimburse the renter the amount of the days and kilometres non used. The reimbursement must be done directly between both parties. The owner is responsible for this reimbursement. Without this reimbursement done, the renter will be free to take legal action against the owner.