The security deposit can be used to cover vehicle repair costs in the event of a claim or damage. It can also be used to cover the insurance excess. The security deposit is also intended to cover kilometers overruns and any amount owed to the owner by the renter as a result of the hire, in accordance with the terms of the rental contract. The management of the deposit is subject to the signature by both parties (renter and owner) of the rental contract on departure and return of the rental.

If the deposit is managed by the owner:

The owner receives the security deposit in person, the amount of which must be indicated on the rental contract. The security deposit can be given in the form of a cheque, in cash or any other means of payment previously agreed between the renter and the owner. If the deposit is not handed over on the day of departure, the owner must refuse the hire and therefore cancel the present hire. The renter will not be entitled to a refund.

If the vehicle shows no signs of damage, the owner must give the deposit back to the renter upon safe return of the vehicle.

If the vehicle has one or more defects, the owner must keep the entire security deposit without cashing it in until the cost to repair the damage is known. The amount must be indicated on the rental contract in the space provided.

If the renter exceeds the kilometer package, returns the vehicle with missing fuel, is an hour or more late than the agreed return time and/or is negligent (see article 9), the owner must keep and withdraw the amount indicated in accordance with these clauses after having completed the inventory of fixtures, which must imperatively be signed by both parties.

The Security Deposit may be used to cover any toll charges or fines that the renter will inform the owner of upon return of the vehicle. If no provision is made when the vehicle is returned and toll fees and/or fines are charged to the owner on dates corresponding to a rental period, the renter remains liable for this amount and responsible for any associated penalties (loss of points, withdrawal of licence…).